Deeniyaat-A Child’s Guide

Children should be familiarized with the concepts and preaching of their religion at an early age. The minds of very young children are like an empty slate. They can be taught things that they will remember for the rest of their lives and follow the teachings at this tender stage. In order to make the most of this opportunity and start the religious upbringing of a child, a deeniyat is the best option.

Deeniyaat islamic books are a collection of small duas and the basics of Arabic grammar that a child must know to be able to read and comprehend the Holy Quran. Since Arabic is not our mother tongue, therefore, the children need a book that can simplify the process of learning and get familiar with the basics of the Arabic language. Deeniyat books can be used both as a course book and as a guideline to teach children at home.

The deeniyat books that you will find on our online web store such as Shehar e Haroof have been arranged in a way that is very interesting for the children. They are colorful with distinct and attractive fonts and designed to increase the interest and attention of the children. You can find books that come with self-teaching tutorials. This makes it easier for the students to learn and the teachers to teach.

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Deeniyat (20)

Aik Achi Namaz Kesy Parhain | ایک اچھی نماز کیسے پڑھیں


Aao Tajweed Seekhain a Set of 2 Books | آو تجوید سیکھیں سیٹ


Aaye Quran Samjhain a Set of 3 Books | آئییے قرآن سمجھیں سیٹ