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            Our people are very sentimental and emotional when it comes to majaalis. Majaalis refers to an Arabic word which is translated as a place of sitting. However, in common context, this word is used to refer to a gathering that is organized for educational purposes. Majaalis are organized as a part of a learning experience to an extent that they have also become a sort of religious tradition.

            Since Majaalis are of utmost importance and significance, therefore, the same can be undoubtedly mentioned about Islamic Majalis Books.  Majaalis books are a great source of information that can be shared in the gathering. You can also find books on our web store under the Majaalis book collection that are specifically written on topics such as etiquettes and manners of Majaalis.

            You can buy Majalis books online from our online bookstore that are penned down on various topics and subjects. There are Majaalis books with khutbaat and declarations. The books have been classified based on their authors and publishers. There are majaalis books that are a collection of the preaching and lecture of several scholars from all the religious sects of Islam.

            The Majalis books for sale that are available on our online bookstore are authentic as well as priced at a very reasonable price. It makes them easier to be purchased by people coming from several backgrounds. We aim to provide the best quality books at a price that you will not be able to refuse hence playing our role in promoting reading and education.

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